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My first attempt at programming in 15 years...

My crappy Nokia 6230i photographs taken at the 2006 ISHA annual conference in Utrecht. Note that many of the pictures are rather politically incorrect...

As you probably already know, Rolex has significantly pared down the Cellini lineup recently by discontinuing all models except for the Moonphase watch. It's not truly a collection with only one model so it would make sense for cheap replica watches to beef up the range with new Cellini models in 2023.

Technical bits and pieces

xorg.conf settings for SGI 1600SW monitor

How to make a simple screenshot under Linux in X

Some useful driver options for the Linux Xorg nVidia driver (closed source)

Setting routing and DNS in Solaris 2.5

A benchmark of the memory performance of almost all So5/7 (Pentium 1) chipsets

Links to various interesting sites

links to various interesting sites

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